Using Instagram With Affiliate Marketing 2019

What does it take to earn some affiliate commissions with Instagram? Well truth be told, it doesn’t take much at all. It will require you to do a little work, and put forth some effort on your part. But not much at all.

Being a successful affiliate marketer you should know that you should not rely completely on Instagram for sales. Instagram is mainly a marketing channel or a traffic generation tool, but it can be used to generate affiliate sales. Just don’t expect to set up a Instagram account to market a product, and make tons of sales right off the bat, it does take some time to get yourself established in the market.

You will want to start off slow. Get Some Followers UK first. As a matter a fact, you may want to make sure you have more than one thousand followers, before you start marketing your affiliate product. Start by sharing some nice and interesting blog posts or webpage about your niche. If you have a blog, then it’s a good idea to use your Instagram account to send some traffic to certain blog posts.


The more information you share with your followers, that doesn’t require and optin or purchase the more responsive they will become when you do start sharing some affiliate pages with them. Share some videos and podcasts with them as well, everyone loves audio and video sites. So send some niche related YouTube videos out a couple times a day. Don’t just jump in and say, hey I am so and so on Instagram, here is a link to buy something, where I make some money.

Doing that will definitely get you flagged and hit with the Instagram Slap. For more information regarding affiliate sales with Instagram, and the Instagram slap, visit this blog post Affiliate Marketing and Instagram []. You will find the exact formula I use everyday to not only get more followers, but to also generate affiliate sales on a daily basis with my Instagram account.

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