Virgin America is an Instagram superstar

Of course, you probably suspected that one of Sir Richard Branson’s businesses would be on this list somewhere – I mean, the man is a total phenom when it comes to marketing and leveraging new technologies to boost his business.

Virgin America totally knocks it out of the park with their Instagram account, with pictures that feel like they’ve been snapped by true fans of the service – not the kind of overly produced promotional jobs you see on a lot of other corporate suit style Instagram accounts.

Not only that, but they also show the flights on Virgin America to look more like in a parties and events that you wouldn’t want to miss out on rather than a shoehorned experience on a flying sardine can. Displaying all kinds of different crazy activities, fun celebrities getting up and interacting with regular passengers like yourself, and all of the subtle little details that really puts Virgin America on a pedestal for the best airline to travel on – this is how you want to use your Instagram account.


Use your own Instagram account to really play it up the differences that your brand or business brings to the table, but only in fun and exciting ways. Try to give yourself as much personality as humanly possible, and dramatically reduce the corporate speak or suit talk that you’re used to seeing in brochures and websites all over the net.

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